A vocal coaching & mentoring program for aspiring performers of all ages. Over 6 months, Program Creator/Director, Zach Bruce takes participants through a comprehensive and fully interactive workshop of skills development that includes vocal assessment & coaching, stage, songwriting, and studio skills development.  The course ends with a dynamic live showcase produced by the Acts On Stage Theater Company. 

Please Note: Renaissance20 is a complete 6 month program.  The Sessions are listed separately for your information only.  All sessions are required. Instruction is in person and scheduled to begin the Fall of 2020. 

In accordance with COVID restrictions, registration is limited to 10  participants per program and conducted at the spacious Acts On Stage Theater. 

  • Pay for the 6 month course upfront and in full. Get it done and don't worry about it.

  • Get in and get started with half down and half due in 3 months. We'll set you up and make it easy.

  • Slow and steady wins the race. Select this option to make six monthly installments.


  • Week 1 - the Fundamentals

    Week 1 - the Fundamentals

    Before you sing a note, we establish the fundamentals crucial for every vocalist; this is round one.

  • Week 2  - Building a Foundation

    Week 2 - Building a Foundation

    It takes more than one week to set the foundation so this is round two.

  • Week 3 - Home and The Range

    Week 3 - Home and The Range

    Discovering your vocal home base, while exploring and establishing range.

  • Week 4  - The Marathon Begins

    Week 4 - The Marathon Begins

    Learning how to pace your performance and get the most endurance out of your vocal.

  • Week 5 - Transformer Week

    Week 5 - Transformer Week

    Discover different flips and switches that add to your skills set and transform your delivery.

  • Week 6 - Sing A Story (not a song)

    Week 6 - Sing A Story (not a song)

    The best performances make us forget we are watching one. The craft of musical storytelling is dissected and practiced.

  • Week 7 - The Practice Run

    Week 7 - The Practice Run

    Time to implement what you’ve learned in front of a small audience - each other.

  • Week 8 - The First Finish

    Week 8 - The First Finish

    There’s more learning ahead but this is the first finish and a graduating step toward becoming a well-rounded performer.

  • Weeks 9 & 10

    Weeks 9 & 10

    It is art but there is also a science to songwriting. These classes focus on collaborative and individual songwriting knowledge and skills.

  • Weeks 11 - 15

    Weeks 11 - 15

    Going to the studio can be scary, magical or both. Either way, its best if you know a few things,.

  • Weeks 16 & 17

    Weeks 16 & 17

    We take a break but not really. During these two weeks students will be challenged to study live performances of seasoned performers (either in person or on video) and schedule a 1:1 coaching session with our Program Director.

  • Weeks 18 - 20

    Weeks 18 - 20

    It’s time to learn the essentials of getting onstage and taking control of your performance

  • Week 21  - THE BIG SYMPOSIUM


    This one-day intensive is all about YOU. Glean from the expertise and know-how of industry professionals who will share their insights in a variety of important subjects.

  • Weeks 22 - 23

    Weeks 22 - 23

    There’s a Showcase coming and you gotta be ready! These last two weeks are dedicated to making sure you have time, coaching and space to be ready for the big show.

  • Week 24 - THE BIG SHOW

    Week 24 - THE BIG SHOW

    Acts On Stage, Inc. will produce a high quality talent showcase featuring YOU. In addition to the showcase and as part of your completion of the Renaissance20 program you’ll receive:
    A letter of recommendation and
    Certificate of completion from your Instructor and
    A high quality video of your performance.


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